Edward D. Todd and his descendants


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Todd Marriages Elsewhere

Charlton County, Georgia
These marriages can be found at Charlton County Marriages. Indexed by groom. Except for Jacob himself and Melissa V. Todd, all these Todds listed here were his children and grandchildren.

David C. Brown, Jr. to Frances Todd; 19 Mar 1886
- She appears to be the Frankie Todd, granddaughter, that was residing in Jacob G. Todd's household in 1900.

Sherman L. Campbell to Martha Todd; 1892
Frank Daniels to Mary E. Todd; 5 Feb 1882

And their sons: Robert Daniels to Minnie Corbett, 30 Sept 1911;
Jack (Jacob) Daniels
to Sallie Crews, 4 Oct 1902

N.B. Ham to Emma Todd; 13 Jul 1899
Johney (sic) Wilson to Emma (Todd) Ham; 3 Feb 1912
Franklin R.C. Johns to Melissa V. Todd; 1 Aug 1883
- daughter of Charles D. Todd (Edward D. Todd)

Eddie D. Todd to Alice Hickox; 25 Jul 1899
George W. Todd to Mattie E. Wheelis; 17 Oct 1887
James M. Todd to Rosa Crews; 15 Jun 1905
John Todd to Ellen Crews; 6 Aug 1905
Jacob G. Todd to Mrs. Amy (Miller) Rowland; 7 Oct 1867

Coffee County, Georgia
These marriages can be found at Georgia's Virtual Vault: County Records on Microfilm

John N. Todd to Ella Jane Spivey; 15 Sept 1899
- son of Jacob G. Todd

And John N. Todd's children:
It's possible there are more marriages of their children at GVV, but these are the ones I could find:

Fisher Anderson to Anna Todd; 16 Mar 1929
Mitchell G. Todd to Ruthie Taylor; 27 Oct 1929

Wayne County, Georgia
These marriages can be found at Wayne County, Ga Marriage Records. It is indexed by both bride and groom.
I'm too lazy right now to figure out who these Todds were. Maybe someday soon. It's possible some of these Todds are not our kin.

Collis L. Todd to Marie Hodge; 21 Feb 1916
Edward D. Todd to Estelle Dennison; 6 May 1923
Keller Todd to Mildred Bacon; 4 Nov 1924
Newton Todd to Dora O'Neal; 10 Feb 1920
Jake A. Tyre to Nettie Todd; 17 Oct 1917
Dillie O'Neal to Amanda Todd; 27 Apr 1913
James J. McBee to Callie Todd; 31 Oct 1908
O.A. Aspinwall to Eva Todd; 22 Sept 1912
Warren Geiger to Mabel Todd; 1 Oct 1924
G.B. Futch to Mamie Todd; 18 Feb 1912
Richard L. Oglesby to Mamie Todd; 28 Feb 1914
Ernest Plunkett to Mary Todd; 15 Dec 1910
Cecil Highsmith to Mary Todd; 22 Jul 1911
Oscar Leggett to Ophelia Todd; 15 Dec 1917
Nolan Ransom Smith to Nevie Irene Todd; 25 Sept 1925


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