Edward D. Todd and his descendants


Friday, March 27, 2009

The Children and Grandchildren of John J. Todd

Ann Pearcy b. Mar 1846 Tattnall Co. Ga, m. Michael O'Donnell b. Apr 1842 Ireland
Pearcy was the mother of 9, with 7 still living as of 1900.

  1. William A. b. abt 1869
    Might be the one m. to Flora but DOB places him younger than John J.
  2. John J. b. Dec 1869 Ga, m. Nora
    His age may be wrong because there was no John J. in the 1870 census.
    • Anna b. Oct 1899 NY
  3. Charles b. Jul 1873 NY
  4. Richard b. Aug 1875 NY
  5. Thomas b. Oct 1877 NY
  6. Joseph b. Dec 1879 NY
  7. Elizabeth b. Aug 1884 NY
Mary E. b.May 1849 Tattnall Co.
m. Noah Waters b. 26 Jan 1850, d. 3 Jul 1927 (death certificate)
1900 census: mother of 10, 8 living.
  1. William J. b. abt 1869
    not found in parents' household in 1880, so presumed deceased
  2. Rosey Bell b. abt 1872
  3. John b. abt 1874
  4. R.M. (male) Dec 1878 (from 1900 census, but was not in 1880 census)
  5. Josiah b. abt 1879
  6. J.O. b. Sept 1881
  7. Bertha b. Aug 1884
  8. Emma b. Jul 1889
  9. Sallie. b. Feb 1895
Sarah Jane b.Dec 1852 Tattnall Co.
m. James J. Blocker b. Oct 1862. He was the son of James M. Blocker and Celia Easterling. James M. was the son of Jacob Blocker, Jr., Mary Blocker Todd's brother.

1900 census: Sarah Jane was the mother of only 1 child. Her brother, Cornelius D. was living in her husband's household in 1910 in Liberty Co.
  1. Charles Henry b. Nov 1892

Louisiana America (initials in 1900 census L.A.) b. Dec 1855 Tattnall Co.
m. Nathaniel Bacon, b. Jun 1857
1900 census: mother of 6, 5 living.
  1. Charles B. b. abt 1876
  2. Nora b. Sept 1883, d. 9 Mar 1924; m. B. Funderburk (death certificate for Nora)
  3. Eva b. Oct 1886
  4. Henry b. Nov 1899. d. 11 Jul 1920 from diabetes and tuberculosis (death certificate) never married.
  5. Gross Nov 1892
Nancy b. Jun 1867 Tattnall Co.
m. James Jasper Bacon b. Feb 1856
1900 census: mother of 6, all living.
  1. Laurey J. b. abt 1876
  2. Tallulah S. b. abt 1878
  3. Phillip L. b. May 1880, m. Katie b. Jul 1878
  4. Rosa b. Mar 1885
  5. John Lester b. Sept 1884, m. Mary Lou Baker
  6. Lela E. b. Jan 1895
Charles Emanuel b. Apr 1860 Tattnall Co.
m. Carrie U. (Eugenia E. per Bryan)
They are found in Liberty Co. Ga. in 1900. Carrie was the mother of 4, all still living. Charles's brother, Davis C. (Cornelius) was living in his household in 1900.
  1. Ella S. b. Jan 1884
  2. John E. b. Oct 1890
  3. Mary E. b. Dec 1893
  4. Ellis B. b. Jul 1896
Cornelius Davis (or David Cornelius) b. Oct 1861. Still single at age 48 in 1910.
In household of brother Charles in 1900 and brother-in-law, James J. Blocker in 1910, both in Liberty Co. Ga.

Martha b. abt 1865
There is a death certificate for a Bessie Waters, daughter of Martha Todd and Houston Groover, both of whom were born in Tattnall Co. I don't have any other corroborating evidence to suggest that this is the same Martha as there are a number of Martha Todds, but the DOB according to the censuses where they are found in is about right, so this is something to consider. Houston Groover also goes by the name Daniel.


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