Edward D. Todd and his descendants


Thursday, March 19, 2009

William E. Todd's children and grandchildren

Most of the information herein was taken from census records, supplemented by Bryan's World Connect family tree (mostly marriages and dates and some children) A few are from other sources.

They can be found mainly in these counties in Georgia: Evans, Liberty, and Tattnall.

  1. William A. Todd b. Jun 1849, d. 29 Jun 1920 (link to death certificate)
    m. Mary A. Tippins b. Oct 1847
    census: 1920 Evans Co.
    Mary was the mother of 9 children and 6 were still living as of the 1900 census.
    1. Mary Mabel b. Jan 1880; still single and living with her in 1920
      There is an entry in the 1880 census that asks if a child is born that year, to list the month, and it's Jan. for Mary; and Mabel's 1900 DOB entry is Jan 1880, so I've determined that they are the same person.

    2. Roach b. 5 Feb 1883, d. Feb 1964 (SS death index) m. Beulah
    3. Boyd Lester b. Jul 1885; m. Mamie A.
    4. Neomy (Naomi?) b. Sept 1887
    5. Daisy b. Jan 1890; still single and living with her father in 1920
    6. Mary M. b. Sept 1892 (yes, it seems strange to have another daughter named Mary); still single and living with her father in 1920.

  2. Cynthia Todd b. May 1852
    m. James W. Waters
    1900 census: she was the mother of only 1 child

    1. Samantha (Waters) Duffield b. 16 Dec. 1872, d. 6 Dec. 1924; m. Claudius Marion Todd.
      I found a death certificate for a Samantha Todd at Georgia's Virtual Vault. On the certificate was:
      • DOB: 16 Dec 1872 Tattnall Co.
      • date of death: 6 Dec 1924 Tattnall Co.
      • cause of death paralysis (I couldn't discern the word after that)
      • parents: William Duffield and Syntha Todd
      • husband: C.M. Todd. A World Connect family tree (again, Bryan's) turned up a Samantha Duffield, parents unknown, married to Claudius Marion Todd. Claudius was the son of Joseph Marion Todd, William E.'s brother.

      I searched the 1880 Tattnall Co. census, and there was only one William Duffield (in fact, the only Duffield household) married to Martha and the oldest child, a boy, was 6 years old. Samantha Waters would have been 7 or 8.

      Because Heritage Quest only indexes the names of the heads of household, for the most part, and I don't have a subscription at Ancestry.com, I did a search at Familysearch.org, the LDS site, to search for all Samanthas in the 1880 Tattnall County census. There are only 7 and a few of them were adults, but Samantha Waters was the only one with a mother named Cynthia (or various spellings). The only Samantha Duffield her age anywhere in the U.S. was in the IL census, parents: Thomas and Elizabeth Duffield.

      Furthermore, I checked her mother's entry in the 1900 census to see how long she was married and it indicates 27 years, which would make it around 1873, so it appears Samantha was born out of wedlock because otherwise, I would think James Waters would have adopted her if he married her mother while she was pregnant. With all this information, I feel confident Samantha Waters and Samantha Duffield are one and the same.

  3. Nancy Todd b. abt. 1854, m. unknown
    I don't have any other corroborating evidence that this is the same Nancy, daughter of William E., but feel that what evidence there is supports it (her age and her close proximity in the 1880 census with other family members)

    These are her children born while she was unwed
    1. James H. b. abt 1876 (too many Todds named James to determine which one he is)
    2. Brantley Edward (or Edward B.) b. Mar 1879; m. Agnes Brady, b. 18 Sept (1900 census says Apr) 1884, d. 31 Jan 1919
      I was browsing through the death certificates at Georgia's Virtual Vault (see unnamed Todd #5 and Agness Todd) and found one for a Mrs. Agness Todd. Her cause of death was listed as pneumonia and childbirth, with influenza being the secondary cause. I remembered seeing a death certificate for an unnamed stillborn child of Brantley Todd, so I decided to compare the two.

      The filing number for Agnes Todd was 677 and the date of death was 31 Jan 1919. The baby's filing number was 678 with the same date of death. Except for the cause of death, and parents' names, everything else was identical. Both were buried at Antioch Cemetery in Glennville on 1 Feb 1919. The stillborn baby's certificate does list the mother's maiden name as Todd, nevertheless, I feel the evidence is sufficient to suggest that the two are related.

      Agnes was the daughter of James Brady and Amanda Todd (Jemima Todd, Edward D. Todd), which means Amanda and Nancy were first cousins, assuming I have the correct Nancy.

  4. John E. Todd, b. Feb 1856
    m. Edith "Eddie" Bradham, b. June 1868 South Carolina
    1. Blanche J. b. Oct 1885
    2. William Henry b. Sept 1888
      He was already widowed in 1920 Liberty Co. Ga. with a 4 yr. old daughter, Vertie. His brother, Joseph Lester was living in his household and his parents were in the household before him.
    3. Julina? b. May 1891
    4. James E. b. Oct 1893
    5. Frances C. b. Mar 1897
    6. Charles Dewey b. Feb 1899 (SSDI 17 Feb 1896, per Bryan)
    7. Joseph Lester b. abt. 1903
    8. John b. abt 1907

  5. Florida A. Todd b. 19 Aug 1858
    m. James Jasper Waters
    1900 census: Florida was the mother of 4 children and all were still living.

    1. Frances Estell b. Feb. 1888, m. Henry L. Waters
      Bryan lists Frances and Estell (b. abt 1887) as two separate people. I feel that since the name Estell was not found in her father's household in 1900 (she would have been around 13 yrs. old), and was not deceased,, it has to be the same person as Frances.
    2. William Berry b. Feb 1890, m. Clara Fennell
    3. Charles Elijah b. Jun 1893, m. Emma E. Waters
    4. Marvin James b. Apr. 1896

  6. Francis M. Todd b. 15 May 1860
    m. Sylvania Glisson
    1. Sarah I. b. Mar 1894
    2. John A. b. Apr 1897, m. Mellie Conley
    3. Flora C. b. Jun 1899
    4. Polly b. abt. 1901
    5. Nora b. abt.1904
    6. Roda Mae b. abt. 1907
    7. Laura b. abt. 1909

  7. Charles Lafayette Todd b. 15 May 1860
    m. Melissa Driggers (or Dreggors)

    1. Joseph S. b. May 1889, m. Juanita Shuman
    2. Francis A. (or Arlie Francis) b. Mar 1892, m Charity Rogers
    3. Bessie M. b. Jul 1893
    4. William "Willie" Henley b. Nov 1894, m. Eva Shuman
    5. John Hampton b. Jul 1896, Pearl Jane Medlin
    6. Florida E. b. Apr 1898
    7. Coy P. b. May 1899, m. Eula Haire
    8. Carrie M. b. abt. 1901
    9. Eula b. abt 1903, m. Marcus J. Deloach
    10. Mattie A. b. abt 1910
    11. Jesse


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