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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Family of Edward D. Todd 1860-1880

To recap, this was the family of Edward D. Todd, to go by the 1850 census (William E. and John J. headed their own households):
parents: Edward D. Todd and Mary Blocker

  1. William E.
  2. John J.
  3. Mary Elizabeth
  4. Jacob
  5. James
  6. Joseph
  7. Margaret
  8. Jemima
  9. Charles
  10. Harrietta
  11. Cornelius
  12. Sarah
  13. Martha

1860 Tattnall Co. Ga. census

name age
Edward D. Todd 55
Mary 58
Elizabeth (Mary) 30
Maryetta (Harrietta) 17
Martha 10
Jimmima (Jemima)
Henry 6
Charles 1

According to this census, (data which I didn't include in this table), Edward was a farmer with a real estate value of $500 and $300 in personal estate.

There are now 3 new children living in his household that were not counted in 1850: Little Jemima, Henry, and Charles. They are likely the children of Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Edward and Mary. cf. the 1900 census where Mary E. is found living in the household of her son, Jacob Todd in Liberty Co. Ga. The 1900 census has two new entries: mother of how many children and number of these children living and Mary E.'s entries are 5 and 4 respectively. So, we can assume 4 of those children were: Jemima (aka Mary J. cf 1870), Henry, Charles, and Jacob.

The next oldest daughter in this census, Harrietta can be found in census records through to 1930 and it appears she never married nor had any children, so that eliminates her as mother of those children.

Where were the other children in 1860?
  • William E. in Tattnall Co.
  • John J. in Tattnall Co.
  • James in Tattnall Co.
  • Jemima in the household of James Barrow in Bulloch Co. Ga. with a daughter, Amanda aged 3. (cf 1870 Tattnall Co.)
  • Jacob in Appling Co. Ga. with two children, Mary and George.
Click on their individual names on the front (home) page for more information.

I was unable to locate Joseph, Charles, and Cornelius in the 1860 census records in Georgia. Both Joseph and Charles are found in later censuses, but not Cornelius, so he is presumed deceased.

There is an Ann Todd living in the household of William E., with a 7 month old son named William. I once saw an inquiry for a "Margaret Ann Todd, daughter of Edward D. Todd" at some kind of Todd forum website (neither of which was genealogy.com nor ancestry.com) which I'm no longer able to locate. So, presumably this Ann was William's sister, Margaret.
Okay, I checked Ancestry.com and there is a family tree for a Margaret Ann Todd, b. 1836 Tattnall Co. Because I don't have a paid subscription, that was all the information I was able to view. Regardless, I feel pretty confident this supports what I said about Ann above.

As for Sarah, either she was deceased or now married and living under her (currently unknown) husband's household.

1870 Tattnall Co. Ga. census:

name age
Edward D. Todd 66
Mary 69
Mary E. 41
Jemima 36
Harrietta 27
Henry 16
Mary J. 14 or 16
Amanda 12
Charles (middle initial illegible) 10
Rachel 7
Jacob W. 4
William R. 1

The entries for the 1870 census are essentially the same as for 1860. Edward was still a farmer and had a real estate value of $200 and a personal estate value of $300. His wife, Mary was a housewife. At least I assume that's what "keeping house" meant. Henry worked on the farm. Harrietta, Henry, Mary J., Amanda, and Charles could neither read nor write, although Henry's entry indicated he could read? .

There are now 4 additional children in this household: Amanda, Rachel, Jacob W. (also referred to as Jacob C.), and William R. Mary J. is presumably little Jemima in 1860, never mind the age discrepancy. I mentioned above that Amanda was the daughter of Jemima and Jacob was the son of Mary Elizabeth.

The 1880 Tattnall Co. census shows Jemima heading her own household, with her son Robert, aged 11. living with her. That would be William R. In the household before hers was Hiram Driggers and his wife, Frances, aged 19. A couple of family trees at Rootsweb indicate that this Frances was Rachel Frances Todd. See also Tattnall Marriages in the tabbed header above. Also, a forum post indicates that Jemima's children were Amanda, Robert, and "Babe" who married a Driggers. (source: Lynda P. Smith at Genforum.com)

So, to recap, the young children living in Edward's 1870 household are as follows:
Children of Mary Elizabeth: Henry, Mary Jemima, Charles, and Jacob.
Children of Jemima: Amanda, Rachel, and William Robert.

I should note that this is the last time we find Edward D. Todd in the census records, so he died between 1870 and 1880.

Where Edward's other children were in 1870:
  • William E.'s wife, Caroline is now a widow heading her own household in Tattnall Co.
  • John J. in Tattnall Co.
  • James in Tattnall Co.
  • Joseph in Tattnall Co.
  • Jacob in Charlton Co. Ga.
  • Charles in Charlton Co. Ga.
That accounts for all Edward's children except Cornelius, Sarah, and Martha. Click individual names on the front (home) page for more information.

1880 Tattnall Co. Ga. Census:

name age
Todd, Mary 80
--- Harrietta 30?
Salter, John 89

The 1880 census has several new entries: relationship to head of household and the birthplace of both parents. Mary's shows both her parents were born in South Carolina. Harrietta was her daughter, of course, but no relationship is given for John Salter. This is the last time Mary is found in the census records, so she died between 1880 and 1890. Well, perhaps I should say between 1880 and 1900 because nearly all 1890 census records were destroyed by a fire in D.C.

Where Edward's other children were in 1880:
  • Mary Elizabeth in Tattnall Co. with son Jacob.
  • John J. in Tattnall Co.
  • Joseph (Marion) in Tattnall Co.
  • William E.'s widowed wife in Tattnall Co.
  • Jemima in Tattnall Co. with son Robert
  • James W. in Tattnall Co.
  • Jacob in Charlton Co.
  • Charles in Ware Co. Ga.
Leaving Margaret, Sarah, Martha, and Cornelius unaccounted for.

This ends Edward and Mary's appearances in census records. Let's go on to the individual children.


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