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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

William E. Todd

This is the family of William E. Todd as determined by their collective entries in census records. Caroline's 1900 census entry indicates that she was the mother of 7 children and all were still living at the time of the census. (Clue to others: William A. and Augustus are the same person.)

Their marriage is not listed in Tattnall County, Georgia Marriages 1801-1850 (Huxford Gen. Society, pub), but according to several family trees, William E. Todd married Caroline P. Durrance about 1848 in Tattnall Co. There are some contradictory family trees regarding who Caroline's parents were, but the general consensus seems to be that her parents were William Durrance and Cynthia Ann Tippins. (sources: Jesse and Eathel Durrance Family and
Bryan's World Connect family tree at Rootsweb.)

William E. Todd. b. 1825 m. Carolyn P. Durrance

  1. William Augustus
  2. Cynthia
  3. Nancy
  4. John E.
  5. Florida A.
  6. Francis M.
  7. Charles L.

William E. Todd is first found in census records by name in 1850, heading his own household. I already posted this table in a previous post, but here it is again:

1850 Tattnall Co. census:

name age place of birth
William E. Todd 25 Tattnall
Caroline 21 ditto
William 1 ditto

1860 Tattnall Co. census:

name age
William E. Todd 25
Caroline 29
Augustus 10
Sintha (Cynthia) 8
Nancy 6
John 4
Florida 1
Frances (Francis)
5 mo.
Charles 5 mo.
Ann 24
William 7 mo.

William E. should be around 35, not 25. He had a real estate value of $300 and a personal estate value of $500.

Augustus is William aged 1 in 1850, so his full name was William Augustus Todd.(cf. William A. in 1870). William E. and his wife had 6 additional children in a ten year span.

I already mentioned this in a previous post, but Ann is probably William E.'s sister, Margaret. The way the names are usually recorded in the census are as follows: head of household first, then wife if she was still living, unless she was widowed, then she would be first, followed by the children in chronological order, then any other members of the household in chronological order. In other words, Ann and Baby William were not the children of William E. and Caroline, but they were certainly Todds because their census entries would have indicated otherwise.

1870 Tattnall Co. census:

name age
Todd, Caroline 40
William A. 19
Nancy 16
John E. 14
Florida 12
Francis M. 10
Charles L. 10

William E. is by now deceased, probably from the Civil War. GaGenWeb archives McIntosh Co. has transcriptions of the muster rolls submitted by Ashley Pollette where he is listed in the 5th Georgia Cavalry 1st Battalion Captain Lamar's Company, as is J. M. (presumably Joseph Marion) Todd, his brother.

The Fifth Georgia Cavalry website notes that William Todd died in a Savannah hospital due to war wounds. If this was William E. Todd, it would explain why he is not found in the 1870 census.

Caroline was a farmer with a real estate value of $300 and $400 in personal estate. William and John both did farm labor.

The only child not accounted for in 1870 is Cynthia. She is found in the 2nd household before her mother's, living with George A. Durrance, age 63, and Cynthia Durrance, age 80. This seems to be Cynthia's uncle and grandmother.

1880 Tattnall Co. Ga. census:

name age
Todd, Caroline P. 43
John E. 26
Francis M. 20
Charles L. 20

Caroline should be about 50 now. She is now keeping house and the children still in her household are doing farm labor.

Where her other children were in 1880:
  • William A. is in the next household (Tattnall Co.)
  • Nancy (if this is the same one) is two households down from William A., unmarried with 2 sons, John H. and Edward B.
  • Cynthia is in Tattnall Co. with her husband James Waters. (source: death certificate at Georgia's Virtual Vault.)
  • Florida is a servant in the household of Isaac? Deloach, along with Gillian Todd age 1. There is a death certificate for Gillie Ann Simmons (married), b. 2 Oct 1878, d. 2 Apr 1922 and her parents were McJenkins and Florida Todd.
1890 Census:
Nearly all 1890 census records were destroyed by a fire in D.C. See Wikipedia: 1890 census.

1900 Tattnall Co. Ga. census:

Caroline is now in the household of her son, Charles L.

According to this Bryan, Caroline died 6 May 1908 and is buried at the Antioch church cemetery in Claxton, Ga. (Evans Co.)

Where Caroline's other children were in 1900:
  • William A. in Tattnall Co. (on next page after his brother Charles L.)
  • John E. in Tattnall Co. before his brother Charles L.'s household.
  • Francis in Tattnall Co. in the household after William A.'s.
  • Florida in Tattnall Co. under husband J. J. (Jasper) Waters
  • Cynthia in Tattnall Co. under husband J. W. (James) Waters
  • Nancy- according to her mother's entry, she was still living, but I was unable to locate her. She may have married and is listed under her husband's household. It appears Brantley Todd who is recorded in 1900 Tattnall Co. is her son Edward B (aka Brantley E.). Unable to determine which James in Georgia is her son as there were numerous entries for that name. It's possible that she is the Nancy Todd who married Isaac Deloach (World Connect Family tree).
All, including most likely Nancy, are still found in Tattnall Co.


Charles L.; Francis' widow, Sylvania; and William A. (now widowed), are now in Evans Co. Ga. According to GaGenweb Evans., Evans Co. was created in 1914 from part of Tattnall Co., so that may explain why they all are found in that county now.

It appears John E, his wife Edith, and son John C. are in Liberty Co. Ga. It also appears their son, Henry is in the next household. I should point out that Bryan no last name given states that John E. died after 1910.

Unable to locate Florida and Cynthia Waters. Bryan no last name states on his family tree that they died in 1942 and 1927 respectively, and both are buried in Tattnall Co., so they should be on the 1920 census somewhere.

Heritage Quest doesn't yet have an index for the 1930 census, and I don't have a paid subscription to Ancestry.com, so no information for now.


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