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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Charles DeKalb Todd

Charles DeKalb Todd b. 7 Feb 1839 in Tattnall Co, d. 21 Jun 1921 Ware Co. (his death certificate)
m. abt 1865 Charity C. Dobson b. 1831 SC
source for maiden name from her son, Richard Knight's death certificate. Parents: William H. Knight and Charity C. Dobson.

Charles's middle name comes from the muster roll of Company B, 61st Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry, aka Tattnall Rangers, and also from the 1920 census where his middle name is partially recorded as DeK.

Militiary service: He enlisted as a private on 31 Aug 1961 in the Tattnall Rangers, and was discharged due to disability 16 Mar 1864. See muster roll link above. He was wounded three times:

  • 17 Sept 1862 Sharpsburg, Md
  • 13 Dec 1862 Fredricksburg, Va
  • 1 Jul 1863 Gettysburg, Pa- wound caused a disabled foot
    (yes, that's the infamous Battle of Gettysburg. link to Wikepedia)

He was in his father's household in the 1850 Tattnall Co. Ga. census:

# name age place of birth
100 Edward D. Todd 45 McIntosh

Mary 50 S. Carolina

Mary 23 Tattnall

Jacob 21 ditto

James 19 ditto

Joseph 17 ditto

Margaret 15 ditto

Gemamy (Jemima) 13 ditto

Charles 11 ditto


Cornelius 9

Sarah 5 ditto

Martha 2/12. ditto

He appears to be missing in 1860, but shows up in 1870 Charlton Co. Ga.,, along with his brother, Jacob, though in different households.

name age
Todd, Charles D. 31
Charity 39
Robert 3
Malissa 2
Knight, Richard 16
Laura C. 14
Arabella 11

He was a farmer with $490 worth of real estate and $300 in personal estate.

Charity was residing in Tattnall Co. in 1860 with her husband, William Knight and children: Calvin age 8, Richard age 6, Laura age 4, and Arabella age 1. So, Charity was previously married with children. All their children were born in Tattnall Co. Her entry in the 1900 census indicates that she was the mother of 8 and 6 were living as of the census. I couldn't find Calvin Knight in 1870 in Georgia.

So to recap, as far as we know, her children were:
  1. Calvin Knight
  2. Richard Knight
  3. Laura Knight
  4. Arabella Knight
  5. Robert Todd
  6. Malissa/Melissa Todd
  7. Mary Eda Todd

1880 Ware Co. Ga census:

name age
Todd, Charles D. 42
Charity 49
Malissa 12
Mary Eda 7
Knight, Bell (Arabella) 22
Hendrix, Dave 17

Dave Hendrix was a boarder.

Where the other children were:
  • Robert Todd would have been 13 years old and appears to be missing; presumed deceased.
  • Richard Knight- unknown.
  • Laura Knight- unknown
1900 Ware Co. Ga census:

name DOB relationship
Todd, Charles D. Feb 1839 head
Charity ? 1831 wife
Smith, Arthur Dec 1887 boarder

Where the other children were:
  • Arabella is now married to Thomas J. Colson (Charlton Co. Marriages- name is Anabella Knight in their list). Their household is the one before the Johns in Ware Co.
  • Mary Eda Todd is now married to Robert D. O'Berry and their household is the one before her parents. Their daughter's death certificate indicates her parents as R.D. O'Berry and Miss Mary Todd.
  • Melissa is now married to Frank Johns and they are residing in Ware Co. (Charlton Co. Marriages- Melissa V. Todd) They were two households away from her sister, Mary.
  • Where the others were is unknown, though Richard Knight was living in 1900. He might be the one in Hillsborough Co., FL, boarder, DOB Nov 1853 (same as his death certificate), place of birth: self-Ga, father- Ga, and mother- SC.
1910 Ware Co. Ga census:

I'm not sure if that's him, but there is a C.D. Todd, boarder, widowed, age 65, and place of birth for himself and his parents all indicate Virginia. He appeared to have resided in Ware County until his death, so I have to assume that is him.

  • Melissa and her family are now in Bradford Co., Fl.
  • Mary Eda and her family are still in Ware Co.
  • Richard Knight appears to be in Dade Co. Fl, same data as in 1900 Hillsborough Co. Fl census.
  • Arabella's family is now in Charlton Co.

1920 Ware Co. Ga. census:

name age relationship
Todd, Charles DeK. 80 head
Harriett J. 77 sister

Charles was widowed and his sister was single. Their place of birth is Georgia, as is their father's, and SC for their mother. His brother, Jacob's stepson, Robert P. Rowland and Robert's son, Manning Rowland occupy the two houses before him.
  • Mary Eda's family is still in Ware Co.
  • Melissa's family is still in Bradford Co. Fl.
  • Arabella's family is in Charlton Co., along with her brother, Richard Knight.
This is the last time Charles is found in census records.


Lyn said...

Charles Dekalb Todd was my great-grandfather and I am quite familiar with his history. My father, Robert C. O'Berry (his grandson) was his namesake (middle name Charles) and they were very close until his death in 1922. Grandpa Todd is buried in Ware County, Georgia at Mount Pleasant Cemetery along with my grandparents and other family members.

Calvin Knight moved to Florida. You can find him on the 1900 Census because Charity Catherine Dobson Knight Todd is also listed. She was counted twicethat year because she is also listed on the Georgia census for same year.

I am familiar with many stories concerning by great grandfather, including many which include the infamous Lydia Smith Stone Crews, the "Queen of the Okefenokee". Grandpa Todd lived near "Miz Lydee's" parents home when she was a little girl. I can go on.

Aunt Harriet Todd, his sister, died in Vidalia after 1930, I think. She is on the census there.

I will be glad to share what I know and I want you to know I appreciate all your efforts to trace our family. My father, in his lifetime, spoke often of the Todd "Florida" cousins and others.

Lyn O'Berry

Richard McMurtry said...

I was wondering who the creator of this blog is?
I just found the section speaking to the difficulty of determining the parentage of Edward D. Todd b 1805.
A DNA test would prove whether or not he was the son of a female Todd or the son of a male Todd. That would be good to know.
I think I searched in vain for a descendant of James Washington Todd b 1815. It would be good to get a third DNA sample from a proven male line.
Any suggestions?


Georgia Todds