Edward D. Todd and his descendants


Thursday, April 16, 2009

The children and grandchildren of Joseph M. Todd

These family members can be found mainly in Tattnall, Wayne, Toombs, Evans, and Montgomery counties in Georgia.

Georgia (or Georgiann or Georgia Ann) b. Feb 1860
m. James Butler Wilkes b. Jun 1858

Her 1910 census entry indicates that she was the mother of 12 children, 11 living.

  1. Clayton b. Feb 1876; m. Maggie Aug 1876
  2. James F. b. abt 1878 m. Leona
  3. Remer b. Jan 1880 m. Eva Bell (last name unknown)
  4. Victor b. Feb 1882 m. Mary Magnolia Branch (source:Bryan)
  5. Peter/Porter b. Feb 1885 m. Ethel
  6. Dawsey b. May 1887
  7. Lester b. Jan 1889 m. Sallie
  8. Dona b. Feb 1891
  9. John K. b. May 1893
  10. Roach b. Mar 1895 m. Cindy (Lucinda Monroe per Bryan)
  11. Daisy b. Oct 1897 m Carril Phillips
Dora A. b. abt 1861. Nothing further is known about her.

Frances L. b. abt 1862. Nothing further is known about her.

Solomon D. b. Jan 1862
He was in Tattnall until 1910, Toombs in 1920, and back to Tattnall in 1930.
m. (1) Ursula Clifton (per Bryan)
  1. Manda Todd b. Jul 1888.
    Appears to be the one m. Dillie O'Neal in Wayne Co. Marriages.
  2. Joseph Shelton Todd b. Jan 1892; m. Leila Barton
    Leila's maiden name comes from her son's obituary. The obit is fairly recent, so out of respect to the family and to protect the privacy of living relatives, I'm not going to link to it.
  3. Cynthia Leona b. May 1893
  4. David Melton b. Jan 1895, d. 18 Jun 1965; m. Carrie M.
    It appears he had a second wife named Marie. Her 1930 entry indicates that she was 21 at her first marriage, and she was 29 years old, so it'd been 8 years since she first married; David M. was 22 at his first marriage and he was 35 in 1930, making it 13 years since he first married.
m. abt 1900 (2) Mrs. Emma Wilks (or Wilkes). Her daughter, Annie Wilks was living in Solomon's household in 1910 and is indicated as his stepdaughter.
  1. Effie b. abt 1902
  2. Lester b. abt 1904
  3. Alma b. abt 1906
  4. Charlie b. abt 1908
  5. Willie b. abt May 1910
  6. Roy F. b. abt 1911

Lucinda (or Lula) b. abt 1863. Nothing further is known about her.

Claudius M. b. Jun 1866
m. Samantha (Waters) Duffield b. 16 Dec 1872, d. 6 Dec 1924. (death certificate)

She was the daughter of Cynthia Todd and William Duffield. It appears her mother bore her out of wedlock before she married James W. Waters. See her mother's entry at Children and grandchildren of William E. Todd.

Some names and dates below from Bryan's WC Family Tree. Some of these marriages can be found at Wayne County Georgia Marriage Records.
  1. Charlie Pledger b. Feb 1891, d. 2 Aug 1964; m. Leona Johnson d. 30 Dec 1970
    According to their daughter's fairly recent obituary, they had 11 children.
  2. Leila b. Oct 1892. Appears to be the Lela m. to Archie Barnhill. Their household was the one before her parents.
  3. Ophelia b. Feb 1896, m. Oscar Leggett
  4. Maybelle b. Oct 1899, m. Warner Silas Geiger
  5. William Marion b. abt 1902, m. Edith Meeker
  6. James Keller b. 9 Feb 1907
    There is a Keller Todd m. to Mildred Bacon at WCMR (link above)
  7. William Slater b. 4 Jul 1909, d. Mar 1987 (SSDI)
Edward Lee b. 8 Mar 1867, d. 18 Jul 1942
m. Letyann (aka Saleta) Hodges b. Dec 1854
  1. Irvin R. b. 26 Mar 1892, d. 1 Aug 1895 (Richard Blalock WCFT)
  2. Troy Lee b. 25 Jul 1893, d. 30 Mar 1924 (death certificate); m. Mary E.
    His death was certified in Chatham Co. Ga. and a stamp indicates that he was a non-resident.
  3. Esther M. b. Mar 1895
  4. Fannie Otis b. Apr 1899, d. 7 Oct 1922 (death certificate); never married.
Margaret b. May 1868.
m. abt 1890 Frank R. Brown b. Jun 1855 (marriage per Bryan)
  1. Joseph b. Apr 1890 m. Daisy Rena Burkhalter (Bryan)
  2. Arro R. (dau.) b. Dec 1891
  3. Tommie b. Sept 1893
  4. McKinley/Kennely b. Aug 1896, m. Lela Burkhalter (Bryan)
  5. Alma b. Dec 1898
  6. illegible dau. b. abt 1902
  7. Ida b. abt 1903
    Appears to be the Ida age 17 m. to Henry Harter in 1920. Their household is the one after Frank Brown's.
  8. Ethel b. abt 1906
  9. Howard b. abt 1908

Brooks b. abt 1870, d. Jul 1878 from whooping cough. See Dublin Post extract at Joseph Marion Todd. According to WC Family Trees, his full name was Louis Paine Brooks Todd.

Julian Melvin b. 1 Jul 1872, d. 1 Oct 1987 (Cemeteries of Wayne Co.)
m. Alice Brady b. 19 Jun 1881, d. 5 Mar 1963 (same source as husband's above).
Alice was the daughter of Amanda Todd (Jemima, Edward D. Todd) and James Brady. Her husband and mother were first cousins. Both are buried at the old section of Screven Cemetery.

Other names used in census records: Melvil, JMell
  1. Nettie b. abt 1901 b. Jake Tyre (Wayne Co. Marriages)
  2. Edward M. b abt 1902
  3. Effie M. b. abt 1907
  4. Nevie Irene b. 1909, d. 1972; m. Nolan Ransom Smith b. 1904, d. 1983 (Wayne Co. Cemeteries) and also Wayne Co. Marriages- same link as Nettie's above.
  5. Julian b. 12 May 1912, d. 1 Oct 1987 (Wayne Co. Cemeteries- same link as father's)
  6. Doris b. abt 1916

b. Jul 1874, m. Judson Deloach, Jr. (Bryan) He was the grandson of Jemima Elizabeth Todd (William Jr., William Todd, Sr., John, Jr., John Sr.) and Hardy B. Deloach.

b. Jan 1876, d. 10 Mar 1954.
Death date comes from Georgia Death Index at Ancestry.com.

Elliot was still single in the 1930 census.

Cynthia Victoria b. 14 Apr 1877. Nothing further is known about her.

Olus b. Aug 1878
As I mentioned in the Joseph Marion Todd post, she appears to be the same person as Otis, "son". In 1910 Toombs Co. Georgia, in the household of Littleton F. Bowen is wife Ola age 27 and stepdaughter, Mamie Todd age 14. Their ages match their entries in the 1900 census.

Hat tip to Bryan for the husband's name.

Marvin Giles b. Aug 1880; m. Laura V. b. abt 1855
It appears he didn't have any children, although Laura was the mother of 4.

Bessie b. Mar 1882. Nothing further is known about her.

Charlie b. Dec 1883
m. Daisy Jerrell
His mother-in-law was in his household in 1910.
  1. Charley Herman b. abt 1909
  2. Marion V. b. abt 1911
  3. James E. b. abt 1913
  4. David A. b. abt 1914
  5. Anell (dau.) b. abt 1915
  6. Talmage Lee b. abt 1919, d. 2008
  7. living son


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