Edward D. Todd and his descendants


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mary Elizabeth Todd's chidlren and grandchildren

Mary Jemima- b. abt 1854. Jimmima in 1860 and Mary J. in 1870. Nothing further is known about her.

Henry b. abt 1854. Not found in either Tattnall or Liberty counties in 1880, 1900, or 1910. He may have either moved elsewhere or is deceased after 1870. Or he went by another name.

Charles b. abt 1859

There are three Charles Todds found in the 1900 census in both Tattnall and Liberty counties (where our Todds are most commonly found), all born about the same year. Two are the sons of Mary E.s brothers, William E. and John J.. The remaining one is Charles W. Todd, found in Tattnall Co., b. Apr 1859, m. to Laura. Children: David C., Allen R., Molly R., Minnie L., and Laura M. Without any other corroborating evidence or context- i.e, mother or sibling living in his household, I don't feel confident enough to say this is the same Charles.

Jacob b. Jan 1866 in Tattnall Co
m. Rosa Bacon b. May 1873
Jacob's middle name was either W. (1870) or C.
Source for Rosa's maiden name comes from her daugher, Mattie Todd Otto's death certificate.

The children of Jacob and Rosa are quite confusing. There are gender and age discrepancies, as well as different names from one census to the next. It's hard to determine whether some of them are the same persons.

1900 Liberty Co. Ga. census:

1910 Tattnall Co. Ga. census:
This one is particularly illegible. It looks like John, but is actually Jake.

1920 Tattnall Co. Ga. census:

As far as I could determine, the children are (some people may be duplicated here- ex. I think Bettie Mae is Mattie):
  1. Media R.
  2. Dorpha, Darsie, Dortha
  3. Martha J.
  4. Mat?
  5. Bettie Mae
  6. Lonie
  7. Roosevelt
  8. Rosa L.
  9. Laurelia or Amelia
  10. Mattie (Todd) Otto


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