Edward D. Todd and his descendants


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The children and grandchildren of James W. Todd

Mary Ann b. 30 Jan 1862, d. 19 Jan 1941 (per Bryan)
m. Henry Hardy Deloach b. 9 Jun 1852, d. 19 Apr 1893 (per Bryan) Henry was the son of Hardy B. Deloach and Jemima Elizabeth Todd, who was the daughter of William Todd, Jr. (William Sr., John Jr., and John Sr.)

1900 census: Mary was the mother of 9, all living as of the census.
(all marriages below per Bryan)

  1. Shelton Isaiah b. Aug 1879; d. 5 Mar 1957; m. Arrie Evalina Groover
    A bridge on SR 198 at the county lines of Tattnall and Long was named in his honor. Seven of his grandsons and three great grandsons worked for the Georgia Department of Transportation

    This particular branch of the family is fairly well-documented by a number of researchers.

  2. Rachel b. Apr 1881; m. David Watson
  3. Martha b. Feb 1884; m. William Barrow
  4. Willie b. May 1885; m. Kizzie Watson
    Kizzie's maiden name came from my old gedcom file, source unknown.
  5. V.C. b. Apr 1887
  6. Maggie b. May 1889
  7. Henry b. May 1891; m. Floy Delton
  8. John b. Jul 1893; m. Louise Groover
  9. Sidney b. May 1897
    Yes I realize the birth was after the father's death. According to census records, he was a son, but according to a forum post, it is Sidney Rose Ann Deloach, a daughter.
Jane b. Sept 1863
m. James D. Geiger

Her 1900 entry indicates that she was married for 7 years and the mother of 1 child who was still living as of the census, but there are five children in her husband's household, all older than 7 years. It appears he was a widower with children when she married him. It also appears Minnie was her daughter. Her father and brother are living in her household in 1920.

John b. abt 1863. Appears to be deceased after 1870.

Providence, aka Vinney or Fannie, b. Mar 1861
m. unknown Hendricks or Hendrix

There are no surviving 1890 census records and she was already widowed by 1900. Her 1900 entry indicates that she was the mother of 7 children, 6 of whom were still living.
  1. Emma b. Jan 1879, m. unknown Williams
    It appears she had several children out of wedlock before she married Mr. Williams. She was already widowed in 1920.
  2. J.B. (son) b. May 1885
  3. Cassie b. Nov 1886
  4. illegible son b. 1897
  5. Martha b. Dec 1898, m. Lester Flowers
  6. Alvin b. 1899
  7. Katie b. 1902
    I'm not sure if Providence had her with someone else or she was actually her granddaughter
James Jackson b. Dec 1869
He was widowed and living in the household of his sister, Mary Ann in 1900, with his son Joe.
  1. Joe (or may be Jas. or Jos.) b. May 1886
    May be the James W. Todd b. abt 1884 m. to Cora in 1910 and 1920 Tattnall Co. Otherwise, I have no other reference as to who this James W. Todd was.

Elizabeth b. abt 1869. Nothing further is known about her.

Miriam b. abt 1872. Nothing further is known about her.

George Washington b.Jul 1875 (1900 census), d. 1960 Lake Co. FL (FLGenWeb Lake)
His DOB at FLGenWeb Lake indicates he was born in 1873.

m. Mamie (or Mary) Driggers b. Jun 1884, d. 28 Aug 1941 Lake Co. FL
DOB is from the 1900 census; the DOB at FLGenWeb indicates she was born 26 Jun 1833, which I'm sure is in error because (1) she would be way older than her husband and (2) she would have been over 100 years old when she died. She was 25 in 1910 and 38 in 1920, so her DOB is closer to 1884 than 1833.

The family can be found in Tattnall Co. Ga. in 1900 and Lake Co. FL in 1910, 1920, and 1930. George, Mamie, and James David are buried at Empire Church Cemetery in Groveland, Lake Co. FL. There are a couple more Todds buried there also, but I'm not sure who they were.
  1. James David b. 24 Jun 1898, d. 17 Apr 1941; m. Alda P.

    James David was a WWI veteran.

  2. Devine E. b. abt 1900
  3. Lula J. b. abt 1903
  4. George R. b. abt 1905
  5. Charles A. b. abt 1909
  6. Rosa M. b. abt 1910
  7. Sweetie? T. b. abt 1914
  8. Annie B. b. abt 1916
  9. Andrew b. 10 Mar 1918, d. Nov 1993 FL
  10. J.W. (son) b. abt 1920
  11. Irene b. abt 1924


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