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Monday, April 20, 2009

The children and grandchildren of Jemima Todd

Amanda b. Apr 1857
m. James E. Brady b. Jan 1853 New York City, d. 21 Jun 1920 Georgia. (death certificate) He is buried at Antioch Cemetery in, presumably, Evans Co. Ga. His parents were born in Ireland.

Amanda's names as recorded in the censuses: Amanda (1860-1880), Mary CA (1900), Mary C. (1910), and Caroline A. (1920). It appears her full name was Mary Caroline Amanda Todd. Her husband's death certificate indicates he was married, not widowed or divorced, at the time of his death and his wife was Amanda Brady. In other words, whatever name was given to indicate James Brady's wife in census records, it referred to Amanda and no one else.

Amanda's 1900 entry indicates that she was the mother of 12 children and 7 were living as of the census, but her 1910 entry is 8/7. The unaccounted for 7th child was presumably female because there were no other male Bradys where they resided. The Bradys can be found in Tattnall, Wayne, and Evans counties, and for a couple of their children, in Chatham Co.

  1. William E. b. Feb 1878; m. Molly b. abt 1881
  2. Alice b. 19 Jun 1881, d. 5 Mar 1953; (Wayne Co. Cemeteries) m. Julian Melvin Todd. He was the son of Joseph Marion Todd. See His children and grandchildren for Julian's entry.
  3. Beulah b. Sept 1887.
    Appears to be the one married to Marvin L. Weathers based on these facts:
    • age is a match
    • father's place of birth is NY
    • Marvin's household was the one before James Brady's in 1910 Wayne Co.
    • Both the families of the Weathers and William Brady are found in Chatham Co. Ga. in 1930.
  4. Henry b. Jan 1889
    Appears to be J.H. Brady m. to Evelyn Smith (Wayne Co. Marriages- same link below as Lester's)
  5. Eva b. 20 Sept 1891, d. 3 Mar 1943 (Wayne Co.: O'Quinn Cem.) m. John C. Smith (Wayne Co. Marriages)
  6. Rufus Lester b. 28 Oct 1895, d. 8 Oct 1954 (Cemeteries of Wayne Co.: O'Quinn Baptist Church Cem.) m. Addie Long (Wayne Co. Marriages) b. 3 Sept 1890, d. 12 Apr 1983 (same cem. link as husband's)
Rachel Frances b. Feb 1861
m. Hiram K. Driggers b. Nov 1849

If not for this genforum post by Lynda P. Smith which states Jemima's children were: Mary Caroline Amanda, William Robert, and "Babe" who married a Driggers, I wouldn't have known what happened to her otherwise. World Connect Family Trees at RootsWeb indicate Hiram K. Driggers married Rachel Frances Todd. Some WCFT indicate Hiram Driggers married Frances Todd Deloach, but Tattnall Co. Marriages (tabbed header above) indicates it was Rachel F. Todd.

Their household is the one before Jemima's in 1880.

Rachel's 1900 entry indicates that she was the mother of 14 children, 12 of whom were still living, and her 1910 entry is 16/13. They are found in Tattnall Co. through 1910, then Evans Co. in 1920.
  1. Hiram N. b. Feb 1880, m. Nora Griffin (per WCFT search results, but tree is unavailable now)
    He is widowed in 1910 and living in the household of his brother-in-law, George R. Stewart, wife E. Lizzie. Unless Lizze referred to his sister, Viola, it appears he was first married to an unknown Stewart.
  2. Viola b. Dec 1882
  3. Cleveland b. Jun 1884, m. Martha A.
  4. illegibe (Sammore, Gammore- son) may be Garland, b. Dec 1885, m. Mary
  5. Samuel Arnie b. May 1887
    Appears to be the one at Camp Meade in Ann Arundel Co., MD in 1920. He was a sergeant.
  6. Hattie L. b. Sept 1889, m. Charlie V. Sikes (per Blalock's WCFT- link above)
  7. Lawrence b. Mar 1891
    He appears to be the one in Palm Beach Co. Fl in 1920, single and a boarder, his place of birth and his parents': Georgia.
  8. Mary E. (aka Melissa or Malissa) b. Mar 1893, m. Daniel E. Sapp (per Lamar's WCFT)
  9. John E.F. b. Mar 1895
  10. Teller b. Aug 1896
  11. Talmadge b. Aug 1896, m. Laura Jenkins (death certificate of their son)
  12. Frances A. b. Mar 1899
  13. Charlie C. b. abt 1903
William Robert b. Mar 1868
m. Lula b. Oct 1862

According to this genforum post, Lula (or Louviny) was his first cousin and a Todd. The only Lula in Tattnall Co. in 1880 was Joseph Marion Todd's daughter. I can't say for sure that was her.

Lula's 1910 entry indicates that she was the mother of 6 children, and 5 were still living.
  1. Mary O. b. Jun 1891
  2. Cynthia b. Jan 1982
  3. Emma b. Mar 1893
  4. Rosa E. b. Apr 1895
  5. Colly (or Collie) Lee (son) b. Jun 1899


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