Edward D. Todd and his descendants


Monday, April 20, 2009

Margaret Todd

Margaret was born about 1835.

She was in her father's household in 1850 Tattnall Co.

# name age place of birth
100 Edward D. Todd 45 McIntosh

Mary 50 S. Carolina

Mary 23 Tattnall

Jacob 21 ditto

James 19 ditto

Joseph 17 ditto

Margaret 15 ditto

Gemamy (Jemima) 13 ditto

Charles 11 ditto

Harrietta* (see notes below) 9

Cornelius 9

Sarah 5 ditto

Martha 2/12. ditto

She may be the Ann in her brother, William E.'s household in 1860 Tattnall Co., with a son William age 7 months.

name age
William E. Todd 25
Caroline 29
Augustus 10
Sintha (Cynthia) 8
Nancy 6
John 4
Florida 1
Frances (Francis)
5 mo.
Charles 5 mo.
Ann 24
William 7 mo.

I believe Ancestry.com has her family tree, full name: Margaret Ann Todd b. 1835 in Tattnall Co., including a marriage, but because I don't have a paid subscription, I'm not able to view the details. Beyond that, this is all I have on her.


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