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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The children and grandchildren of Amy Miller and Robert Rowland

While not technically Todd descendants, I feel the Rowland children were very much a part of the family as they were all very young when Jacob married their mother. Also, there is scarcely any information on them anywhere, except a little bit on Ezekiel. I feel I owe it to my great-great-grandmother to remember her other children.

Amy Miller m. Robert Perry Rowland
Robert was the son of Needham Rowland and Louisa Carter. They had three children before Robert was killed in the Civil War.

Robin Ezekiel Rowland b. 15 Nov 1856, d. 18 Nov 1929 (World Connect Family Trees at Rootsweb)
m. 9 May 1879 Caroline Brown b. Sept 1869

Caroline was the daughter of David and Temperance Brown. Ezekiel, Caroline, and Nettie were in their household in 1880. They are found in Ware Co. Ga. in 1900 and thereafter. Ezekiel was a widower by 1910.

Caroline's 1900 entry indicates that she was the mother of 9 children, 8 living. All DOBs below are from the 1900 census.

  1. Nettie b. abt May 1880
  2. Newman b. May 1882
  3. William b. Feb 1883; m. Bedetha or Bertha
  4. Frances b. Apr 1885
  5. Mamie b. Mar 1887
    according to WCFT, she was b. 4 Apr 1890, d. 31 Aug 1974; m. Alfred James Sweat
  6. Robert b. Jan 1889
  7. Jettie b. Oct 1891
  8. Manning b. 3 Mar 1895, d. Aug 1970 (SSDI); m. Cora b. Jan 1900, d. Apr 1981 (SSDI)
  9. Bessie b. Feb 1898

Susan Rowland b. 13 Sept 1860, d. 23 Jul 1924 (death certificate at GVV)
Her death certificate indicates her parents were Robert Roling (sic) and Amy Miller.
Her 1900 entry indicates that she was the mother of 9 chidren, with 6 still living. Her 1900 household was the one before her step-sister, Martha's.

m. (both marriages at Charlton Co. Marriages. Search by husband's last name.In the Floyd marriage, it's Mrs. Susan Taylor)
(1)William Taylor 15 Jan 1880
  1. Matthew T. (Taylor in 1920 census) b. Jan 1882
  2. Minnie Lee b. Oct 1884
(2) Lewis (or Louis) Floyd 27 Jan 1888
  1. Thomas b. Mar 1890
  2. Lester b. Oct 1891
  3. Mary b. 5 Feb 1893, d. 23 Jul 1924. (death certificate at GVV)
    Her death certificate indicates that her mother's maiden name was Susan Rowling (sic)
  4. John A. b. Apr 1897
  5. Brenton? b. abt 1903
  6. Delina, Dilmer, or Detimer (son) b. abt 1906
Charlton County Herald extract, courtesy of Okefenokee Press.
July 25, 1924 MOTHER, MRS. LEWIS FLOYD AND DAUGHTER, MARY DIED. The mother, Mrs. Lewis Floyd, age 73 (sic), died at her home near Uptonville Wednesday of heart trouble after a lingering illness. The daughter, Miss Mary, aged 20 years, died just before noon on the operating table in Dr. Williams' office where she was brought for treatment of diphtheria. She had been ailing a week and the disease had secured too firm a foothold to yield to treatment. This sad double death removed all females of the family, leaving to mourn the loss of the mother and daughter, Mr. Floyd, and six sons. The Herald extends its deepest sympathy to the family in its great loss. The double funeral took place Thursday and interment was at the Sardis Cemetery.

Robert P. Rowland b. Jun 1865
m. 30 Sept 1886 (Charlton Co. Marriages)
Ella F. Taylor b. Jan 1873, d. 18 Nov 1924 (death certificate at GVV)

Ella was the brother of William, Susan Rowland's first husband.
Ella's 1900 indicates that she was the mother of 6 children, all still living.
  1. Rhodie b. Feb 1887
  2. Lizzie b. May 1889
  3. Miriam b. Aug 1891
  4. Maggie b. Nov 1894
  5. Trevers? b. Oct 1896
  6. Mattie b. Oct 1898


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