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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Joseph Marion Todd

Joseph Marion Todd b. 20 Mar 1833 Tattnall Co. Ga., d. 7 Jun 1901 Tattnall Co.
m. Cynthia Kennedy b. 8 Jun 1841, d. 13 Feb 1913.
(Dates from World Connect Family Trees)

Cynthia's 1910 entry indicates that she was the mother of 17 children, 16 of whom were still living. From their collective entries, these were their children:

  1. Georgia Ann b. Feb 1860
  2. Dora A. b. abt 1861
  3. Frances L. b. abt 1862
  4. Solomon D. b. Jan 1862
  5. Lucinda (Lula) b. abt 1863
  6. Claudius M. b. Jun 1866
  7. Edward Lee b. Mar 1867
  8. Margaret b. abt 1868
  9. Brooks b. Feb 1870
  10. Julian Melvin b. Jul 1872
  11. Minnie b. abt 1874
  12. Elliot b. Jan 1876
  13. Cynthia V. b. abt 1877
  14. Olus S. b. Aug 1878
  15. Marvin Giles b. Aug 1880
  16. Bessie b. Mar 1882
  17. Charlie b. Dec 1883

Joseph was in his father's household in the 1850 Tattnall Co. Ga. census..

# name age place of birth
100 Edward D. Todd 45 Tattnall

Mary 50 S. Carolina

Mary 23 Tattnall

Jacob 21 ditto

James 19 ditto

Joseph 17 ditto

Margaret 15 ditto

Gemamy (Jemima) 13 ditto

Charles 11 ditto


Cornelius 9

Sarah 5 ditto

Martha 2/12. ditto

I wasn't able to locate him in the 1860 census records.

1870 Tattnall Co. Ga. census:

name age
Todd, Joseph M. 37
Cynthia 29
Georgia 13
Dora A. 10
Frances L. 9
Solomon D. 8
Lucinda 6
Claudius 5
Edward 3
Margaret 2
Brooks 4 mo.
Williams, Jesse 12?

Jesse Williams was doing farm labor for the Todds. I couldn't make out whether his age was 10, 12, or 60.

1880 Tattnall Co. Ga. census:

name age
Todd, Marian 47
Cynthia 38
Dora A. 19
Frances L. 18
Solomon D. 17
Lula (Lucinda)
Clausius M. 14
Edward Lee 13
Margaret 12
Melvin 8
Minnie 6
Elliot 5
Cynthia V. 4
Olus S.(f)
Marvin J. 1 mo.

Where their other children were:
Georgia is now married to James Butler Wilkes and living in his household.

1900 Tattnall Co. Ga. census:

name DOB relationship
Todd, Joseph M. Mar 1834 head
Cynthia Jun 1856- sic
Otis Aug 1878 son
Marvin G. May 1880 son
Bessie Mar 1882 daughter
Charlie Dec 1883 son
Mamie Jun 1896 g. dau.

It appears Otis should be Olus and Mamie was her daughter. cf 1910 Toombs Co. census- Littleton F. Bowen, head; Ola, wife; and Mamie Todd, stepdaughter, age 14.

Where their other children were:
  • Georgia- husband's household in Tattnall Co.
  • Solomon D.- widowed with 4 children in Tattnall Co.
  • Claudius- married to Samantha in Tattnall Co.
  • Edward L.- married to Letyann in Tattnall Co.
  • Julian Melvin- married to Alice in Tattnall Co. Their household is the one after William Brady's, Alice's brother.
  • Elliot- in brother Melvin's household.
  • Dora, Frances, Lucinda, Margaret, Minnie, Cynthia- unknown
  • Brooks- extract from the Dublin Post, courtesy of Galileo Georgia's Historic Newspapers (pdf file- column 4):
    1 Aug 1878- Mr. Marion Todd, on the line of Montgomery and Tattnall counties, has 11 children with whooping cough, there were 12, but one little boy, Paine, (named after Rev. L.B. Paine, Supt. of the Orphan's Home) died last week.
    His full name, according to WC Family Trees was Louis Paine Brooks Todd.
1910 census:

Cynthia is now widowed and living in the household of her son, Elliot in Tattnall Co.

  • In the household before theirs is Jiles (sic- Marvin) with his wife, Laura.
  • Edward L. is two households down.
  • Claudius and Solomon are also in Tattnall Co.
  • Julian Melvin is in Wayne Co. Ga. Their household is the one after his wife's parents'.
  • Charlie is now married to Daisy in Wayne Co. Ga.
  • Georgia's family is now in Toombs Co. Ga.
  • Olus/Ola is married to Littleton Bowen in Toombs Co. Ga.
  • The other sisters are unaccounted for.

Thus, this ends the appearances of Joseph and Cynthia Todd in census records.


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